Our Value Proposition Our business is built on you and you alone. We would love the opportunity to show you how we are different than other agents in the industry. Our business is driven by referrals that our clients are so kind to give us. You deserve a true “Real Estate Advisor.” We act as such by guiding you through, what can be at times, a very complicated buying or selling process. As an Advisor, we always put your interests first and foremost. We also maintain high standards that can be judged by our actions by you as well as by our peers. One of our goals is to educate you more. You may have found us online. We do a little bit of online marketing. You may have found us as we have personally reached out to you. Or, you may have been referred to us by many of our clients that we have been fortunate enough to have been of service to in the past. We work solely for your best interests and the only way we know this is that you are so satisfied with the high level of customer service that we provide is because you refer us after the sale. In fact, we rate ourselves on your satisfaction. The singular way we determine your satisfaction with our service and the true definition of success for us is that you will tell someone you know about us and our business so that we can also help them achieve their real estate needs. Who is our favorite client? • Those that expect to be treated with respect. • Those that desire open and honest communication. • Those that want timely communication. Ask us for our communication guarantee. • Those who desire a better quality of life. • Those who look for educated guidance in their real estate transaction and not to be pushed into doing anything they don’t think is in their best interest. What we promise to deliver to you. • Agents that are highly educated and trained more than your average run of the mill agent. • Help; when you need it. • Best answers if you are confused about the whole transaction process. • Tools that nobody else uses to keep you informed of during the sale and/or purchase process. • Higher probability of a successful home sale and/or purchase. • The highest level of support during one of the largest transactions that you will probably ever make in your entire life. • Motivation, guidance and a pathway for information when you need it. • The crutches and tools to achieve your goal. • The constant upgrading of our systems so that we can deliver even better service. Only after we give you what your desired goal is and when we invest in you, we promise we will ask for only one special consideration when you become our client. We ask you to identify two to three quality people in your life that you care enough about that would desire the same kinds of outcomes and extremely high level of service. After you identify those people, we just ask that you make an introduction for us so that we may see if we can be of service to them as well. In closing, we hold sacred that we are in the people business. This is ALL ABOUT YOU and we are here to be of service to you. Unless we hear differently from you, we will continue to reach out so that we can just start having a conversation about how we may be of service to you. Now...here is what you might want to know about us as well. Over 35 Years of Combined Knowledge and Experience. One-on-One Client Service. We Sell over 90% of Our Listings. Industry Average is 85%. We Sell Our Listings Within a Shorter Amount of Time Than Other Brokers. We have 16 ways to find homes that ARE NOT listed on the MLS. It's why our Buyer's that we work with are able to close on a home of their dream in this tight inventory market. Local Experts with a Global Reach. Our real estate business has been built around one guiding principle: It’s all about you. Your needs Your vision Your concerns Your questions Your finances Your time Your life Good service speaks for itself. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to earn your business and earn your referrals too!